Felipe Rose of VP Fame Solo Re-boot

With NativeTaino solo concerts being booked by Michelle Amico Licata of Mlicataentertainment, through the year, 2018 is already in high gear! Bookings in Performance Arts theaters, arenas. Final mixing on my new single with Native Award winning artist gave props and jammed with me and the single preview in crazy!

Now, the search for re mixers begins, and CD design cover with a memorial pre-release, with the video filmed in June as well! Plans on blow out CD release party in New York, during Pride month! On March 13th, I fly up to Montreal to record with my new label Urban Heat Music and Dogg Records, a new club single with Urban Heat label mate Addictv Tash, Mega press conference announcing the new home with new manager Miguel Lopez, meetings and a surprise performance in a club in Montreal, debuting both singles mine and the duet.

I want to sincerely thank all of my fans, followers and music lovers, I’m scratching myself with excitement, this is for the first time, giving me goose bumps and as I said last year!

“ Everyone loves an alternated ending” it was decided for me my quick departure! I call it a back door blessing and sometimes you have to walk through the fire, to soar!

Tomorrow evening I will launch my new website www.feliperose.com and I promise you a closer look into the amazing life, I have lived and blessed to experience!


So stay tuned for more shenanigans, this time with my back-up singers, dancers and my musical director/producer - Forrest “Frosty” Lawson. You can find me on Instagram, twitter and linkdn, all from one press of a button from my website!

For many of you who have not seen one of my many performances, here is a stand out one from the Nammy’s ( Native American Music Awards) on www.youtube.com/feliperose/trailoftears




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