Fabrika Ouch "Pricey Fun"


Fabrika Ouch is a silk screen/ spray paint stencil artist based in Brooklyn. He creates mixed media pieces on NY Bike Maps. Fabrika in many languages means a factory, and his aim is to create as many original and unique art works as possible: “I’m a factory personalized.” As for the Ouch part of his name- “It’s So Good My Stomach Hurts.”

Approaching themes of controversy in a humorous way has been his inspiration for the past five years. The “Pricey Fun” collection was created to contemplate and explore the concept of pricing. Does our society go too far by putting a price on virtually all things and services. Does it diminish the sentimental and humane value of some of the deepest , dearest things to us when even Mickey Mouse is for sale? Exhibition dates: Wed 4/20 - Sun 5/29/16 Artists Reception Saturday April 23, 2016 • 6-9pm

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