What happens when the performance of a person becomes the trademark of a personality?

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I am very glad that you dropped in. What happens when the performance of a person becomes the trademark of a personality? Felipe Rose - is he a puzzle, an urban myth or a Disco Icon? Felipe Rose is the original co-founder of the world famous....VILLAGE PEOPLE. His Puerto Rican mother and Native American father are reflected in the clothing and accessories that he dons to perform which depict his blood lines and which he has been wearing long before the birth of the mega group, VILLAGE PEOPLE. This is not just a costume. It is also his public statement of where he comes from and his long association with Native American groups across the country. Felipe has been called a “Shadow Walker” - a native name for one who walks in two worlds. Throughout his childhood he displayed an intense interest in the creative arts with his mother a source of tremendous encouragement. She was, in fact, a Copacabana dancer in the late 1940’s and 1950’s, so music and show business were a constant influence in his home life and beyond. Felipe’s talent manifested itself at an early age and by 16 he had secured a scholarship with the Ballet de Puerto Rico under the instruction of Pasqual Guzman.

During his tenure with the ballet company he had the opportunity of performing at New York’s Lincoln Center in a choreographed dance drama recital of “Julia de Burgos” a poetess whose life was possibly cut short by committing suicide. The New York Post called his performance “poignant and compelling”. This review is what got Felipe fired up and he knew that dance would be his destiny. To learn more about his mother’s cultural island background please visit Puerto Rico’s website http://seepuertorico.com/ Felipe’s Native American aunt later introduced him to the different influences in dance. Honoring his father’s heritage he dresses in his tribal regalia using dance as his journey through his native culture.

While dancing at a New York nightclub in his full native American regalia he was approached by French music producers Henri Belolo and the late Jacques Morali. Felipe’s performance that fateful night at the Anvil led to what has become the worldwide phenomenon that is VILLAGE PEOPLE. While the producers were busy auditioning the new members of the group Felipe was sent to Paris where he choreographed a native dance number for the famous “Crazy Horse Saloon” performers. As VILLAGE PEOPLE’s founding member, Felipe is much credited with being the inspiration of putting together a group of individuals who represent male stereotypes of New York’s Greenwich Village. His keen visual sense and performance experience led to input and direction for the entire concept of the group, representing a true sense of tribal unity. Needless to say, Felipe regards the members of the group as brothers…his family! VILLAGE PEOPLE have become and remain a pop culture mainstay of the music scene touring the world and becoming a family of performers with Felipe’s camaraderie and consistency of life. To the world, they remind people of a simpler time and fond memories on the dance floor in clubs around the world - and what a journey it became selling more than 100 million recordings, to this date! It remains a popular cult film around the world. The VILLAGE PEOPLE were an instant phenomenon with hits… “SAN FRANCISCO/HOLLYWOOD” “MACHO MAN” “Y.M.C.A.” (Mega Hit around the world) “IN THE NAVY” “GO WEST” and many more! With more than 30 Gold and Platinum records from around the world it was clear that the Disco Era was in full swing! Madonna and Joan Rivers are among the artists who have appeared as opening acts for VILLAGE PEOPLE in cities such as Las Vegas and Miami. Even the late Michael Jackson worked with VILLAGE PEOPLE when they performed in Los Angeles for a fundraiser for JANE FONDA! Additionally, the group has won numerous worldwide awards including the American Music Award, “Favorite Musical Group 1979”, AFVA’S AWARD for Music Excellence, Brazil’s 1981 Award for Best Act and the Gold Loin Award, which is Germany’s Grammy! VILLAGE PEOPLE even starred in their own 1980 major feature movie ~ “Can’t Stop the Music”, co-starring Valerie Perrine, Bruce Jenner, Steve Guttenburg, Paul Sand, June Havoc and Tammy Grimes. The movie was directed by Nancy Walker.Type your paragraph here.

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