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Felipe Rose




Village People Fame


FELIPE ROSE came to prominence in the 1970's out of the urban gay clubs and discotheques in New York City,  best known as the Native American Indian he is a founding member of the world famous VILLAGE PEOPLE. To this day VILLAGE PEOPLE have become and remain a pop culture mainstay in commercials and television appearances as they continue to tour the world with their campy hits which have become a phenomenon.


VILLAGE PEOPLE have sold over 100 million records to date and have won many international music awards and garnering over 30 Platinum and Gold records. FELIPE’S   highest moment of achievement was receiving a Star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.  Beginning in 1977 their many mega hits include:


  • San Francisco/Hollywood

  • Macho Man

  • Y.M.C.A.

  • In The Navy

  • Go West

  • Can't Stop The Music

  • 5 O’clock In the Morning

  • Let's Go Back to the Dance Floor 2014 (written and penned for us by K.C. Of the Sunshine Band)


Internationally, on a worldwide scale, Y. M.C.A sold over a million copies each in Germany and United Kingdom.  The latter also made it a hit all over again in 1993 when a remix hit #12 (it made #1 for the first three weeks of 1979 in its original go-round).  The Guinness British hit single ranked Y.M.C.A as the 45th biggest single ever on that country's music chart (which began in 1952). Putting it ahead of “Unchained Melody” and behind “Reach Out I'll Be There.”


A month later he was inducted into the Native American Music Awards for his solo music for which he won has 3 Nammy's creating his hybrid Native dance composition's,  Calling it, “Disco Fever to Burning up the Rez.”  His songs include:


  • Trail of Tears 2000             Best Historical Recording

  • We're Still Here 2002         Song Single of the year

  • Red Hawk Woman 2005    Songwriter of the Year

  • Going Back To My Roots    2018  Best Dance Song of The Year


In 2005 FELIPE donated his Gold single of Y.M.C.A. before an international audience in the rotunda of the National Museum of the American Indian (NMAI).


His unique style honors the heritage of his Puerto Rican/Italian mother and his Native American father (Lakota/Sioux) which is reflected in the clothing that he dons to perform. This is not just a costume for FELIPE, but is a signifier of where his biracial roots come from and his long association with Native American Indian Groups across the country.  A “Shadow Walker” is a native term or word for “walking in two worlds” and also as a “Two Spirited” person who is gay.


FELIPE has received throughout his career many international music awards and in 2008, after 30 years, his highest moment of achievement was receiving the Star on the “Hollywood Walk of Fame.”


FELIPE has managed to stay relevant throughout his adult life tapping into a passion and devotion to what he loves to do around the Country as a speaker, an ordained minister with the Universal Church of Life, and to date he has officiated at 11 weddings.


He has always been committed to the advancement of human celebration and its potential in Music Arts, Culinary and Wine pairing. For decades he has been involved and is passionate about his charity works, some of which are:


  • Subaru 's Dining Out for Life

  • American Indian College Fund

  • HIV/AIDS charities around the world

  • Cancer Awareness

  • Anti-Bullying

  • Wounded Warriors


  • Activist


FELIPE has carefully chosen his individual projects and what affect they will have on the public.  He has used his position to highlight issues that are important to him with the objective of helping and connecting with people through his journey as he tours the world in this age of Social Media.


Whether it's through music, spoken word, motivation-life coaching, visual artistry, personal health and joyful confidence he always says, “Be the chief in your tribe.”


Beyond many of these reasons there are many funny anecdotes and happy memories FELIPE wants to share with the world, “If you're going to talk about your life, you have to have life experiences!”


At the moment, FELIPE is outlining and rewriting several of his speeches tailoring them towards issues that are relevant today; such as Ethnic Diversity and Social Empowerment, Taking Control of Your Life Making Your Artistic Manner Matter, No Reservations: Reclaiming My Own Agenda, Practicing Joy and Gratitude and Amplifying Love, Not Breaking with Integrity: Inspiring Greatness, Standing in your truth.   Putting new prospects on his radar via strategic outreach using the World Wide Web and reading..."READING IS KNOWLEDGE."

Never content to do one thing, FELIPE is excited about this next phase in his life, catch him out later this fall, when he hits the road with his program of self empowerment, living freely by crafting a life on your own terms; being free in the moment from oppressing negativity and social media bullies and trolls.  


“If Every Rose Has A Thorn” sings Poison, FELIPE ROSE'S thorn is smoothed through his 40+ year journey around the world serving as an instrument of energy!


“I can courageously speak on truth and walk in my own truth, only then will you believe and experience his life as he's lived it.  Choosing our journey and seeking to bring them to fruition creating a sense of vitality and motivation in life.”



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