Felipe Rose is best known as the American Indian attired vocalist in the world famous Village People. Felipe is a native New Yorker, having been raised and brought up in Brownsville, Brooklyn ( Yeah Mike Tyson)..." You ain't the only ghetto boy from the hood!". His Puerto Rican and Italian mother and Native American father (Lakota Sioux), is reflected in the clothing that he dons to perform. This is not just a costume but also a signifier of where he comes from and his long association with Native American groups across the country. Felipe has been called a “shadow walker”, a Native term for walking in two worlds. Having spent the last 37 years involved in one of the most visible and active groups in pop music, he now brings his energy

 to his production company...TOMAHAWK ENTERPRISES...having spent the 1990"s with Forrest Lawson, Peter McClean, Kieth Kemper, Artie Rodriguez and Village People and Jimmy Lee Young and Felipe decided to focus on himself and produced highly produced recordings which garnered him 4 NATIVE AMERICAN MUSIC AWARDS. With Village People countless awards such as:

AMERICAN MUSIC AWARD and 35 gold and platinum,records.

Felipe Rose